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Stories that can be read aloud. (Because grown-ups need a little magic, too.)

PLUS playful cartoons everyone can enjoy.

New Releases:

Maeve the Moon: A Tale for Being True to Yourself

Maeve longs to be something more than just Maeve…something like a moon! And she has a plan to become just that. In Maeve the Moon, Maeve is a moon and a moon she shall stay. But for how long? What will Maeve do when her journey takes an unexpected turn? Join Maeve and her friends from Orchids Afar in this story of taking chances and being true to yourself.

Scoop: available in picture book, chapter book, and ebook formats

James and Liza visit the park to get a scoop of ice cream. It’s a beautiful day in a fairytale land…until James decides that he wants more, more, MORE. Join James, his big sister, Liza, and their scheming friends, the Masked Bandits, in this adventure about more, mine, and just right. Who will get a scoop and who will just make a mess?

Meet Ivy



They knew her as Dream Girl, Child of Awe.  She lived in the fields just outside town. Gardens surrounded her home, and beyond that a wall with a great door. You could find her balancing atop the wall and listening. Her bare feet felt for familiar stones, ruddy cheeks turned toward the sky.  

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